The Chain Gang currently rides Tuesday nights at 6pm from the Health and Human Services parking lot (located on Gull Road in front of the Borgess Health and Fitness Center). 

Any interested road cyclists are welcome to join us. Please arrive by 5:45pm wearing a helmet, ready to leave promptly at 6pm. 

June 7th, 2016

The Chain Gang Bicycle Club was founded in 1999 by Mark Rose and Brit Gustafson, as novice riders with a shared love for cycling.

The group of non-competitive cyclists ride casually together on Tuesday nights, often followed by a beer at one of many local bars. 

Around 2011, Mark Rose turned over leadership of the rides to Steve and Jennifer Johnson. The two have led the rides since then, while upholding the casual nature of the group. 

In loving memory of the five victims:

Tony Nelson, Debbie Bradley, Melissa Fevig-Hughes, Suzanne Sippel, Larry Paulik

In honor of the four survivors:

Sheila Jeske, Paul Runnels, Paul Gobble, Jennifer Johnson

About the chain gang

Bicycle Club
    Kalamazoo, Mi

our history

On June 7th, 2016, 9 cyclists were hit by a truck while riding together near Markin Glen Park. 

Five of the cyclists were tragically killed, and the other four were seriously injured and hospitalized. 

This senseless tragedy has hit home for many cyclists and citizens across the country, including Lance Armstrong: 

Went for a run this morning. Couldn't shake my feeling of incredible sadness thinking about yesterday's unimaginable tragedy in Kalamazoo...

To the ones lost may you rest in peace. To their friends, family, teammates, partners- my deepest condolences. 

Lance Armstrong