‚ÄčWe have established a fund for a memorial to the victims of the June 7, 2016, Chain Gang bicycling tragedy.  The memorial will be located on the property of the Kalamazoo Garden Council at Markin Glen Park.  We will dedicate the memorial on June 7, 2018.

The purpose of the fund is to support the design, installation, dedication and maintenance of the Chain Gang Memorial and to support bicycling advocacy and safety.

The fund is held at the Battle Creek Community Foundation to be able to take advantage of the tax deduction of a 501c3 organization.

Please follow the steps below:

Make check payable to: BCCF-CHAIN
Send check directly to:

Battle Creek Community Foundation
32 W. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1
Battle Creek, Michigan, 49017

Alternatively, go to the Battle Creek Community Foundation/Chain Gang donation page: http://www.bccfoundation.org/giving/Chain-Gang-Fund 

Thank you for your consideration in supporting one of our many funds at the Battle Creek Community Foundation!

Phone: 269-962-2181 Fax: 269-962-2182
Email: bccf@bccfoundation.org Website: www.bccfoundation.org

Thank you from the Chain Gang for your consideration!